Michael Raun was born in 1967, a bit south of Copenhagen, Denmark. Early he found that trading and identifying business areas was of his interest. He started his first company in 1985, 18 years of age within home healthcare, competing with the regular public offers, with a better insight of needs and quality.   

Two years later, Michael Raun started a new venture within housing and decoration of vacation houses, which became a marked leader in its field.

While slowly expanding into hotels and luxury houses, Raun and interior design became more and more synonymous and by 1997 the first Raun Home store opened in Copenhagen, specializing in luxury sofas. In 2006 Raun Home was recognized as a top 10 brand within furniture design, with its clean and quality minded Scandinavian design.

The company was sold in 2009 and Michael left in 2010.

Michael Raun is an entrepreneur of heart, and has during the last four decades undertaken a wide variety of business ventures, in such different areas as furniture, jewelry, healthcare, property possession and construction. Some of these businesses today (2023) with hundreds of millions of euro sales.